V O S - & - S C H O E M A K E R

Vos & Schoemaker are authors of books and articles about communication management. They want to contribute to the development of knowledge about strategic communication for organisations.

Marita Vos is professor (em.) in Corporate Communication with a focus on organisational resilience and crisis communication. She wrote 15 books and coordinated EU funded international research projects in the security area. January 2007-December 2017, she was active as full professor at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland and visiting professor at the University of Twente. She recently returned to the Netherlands, and currently combines consultancy work and dissertation supervision.
She studied Sociology specializing in Communication Sciences at Wageningen University, the Netherlands, gained experience as a consultant and communication manager and wrote a PhD thesis on corporate image policies. Before going to Finland, she set up a Master´s degree programme in International Communication Management, and later led a research group about governmental communication before coming to Finland. CV >>> download
See also: ResearchGate or Academia.edu

Henny Schoemaker studied Entomology at Wageningen University, the Netherlands and Business Studies at the Open University. He worked for several Dutch companies and later co-ordinated the publications and consultancy work of Vos & Schoemaker. This focuses on the development of knowledge about communication on a strategic level.


E-mail: vos.schoemakeratgmail.com